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A Few Big Updates Ahead Of Episode 9

Happy Monday L4E listeners! I wanted to bring you a few updates both large and small ahead of episode 9 this Wednesday.

#1: I've partnered with the guys from Destination Linux as a founding creator in the brand new Destination Linux Network. DLN is a community hub and media network designed to bring passionate creators together with their communities to spread our love of open-source, technology, and Linux

You don't have to update your RSS feeds. Telegram, Discord, and L4E social media platforms aren't going anywhere either. (One of the reasons I've aligned with the Destination Linux crew is that partners retain full ownership and creative control.) But we'd all love to see you on the community forum!

#2: L4E is coming to YouTube as of either Episode 9 or Episode 10. The entire back catalog of episodes will be there as well! You can subscribe here. Don't worry audio fans, this is basically the audio version of the podcast with an EQ visualizer overlay. (However, I would like to eventually add video content in the form of maybe reviews, benchmarks, stuff like that).

For my early access patrons, I think the way forward will be including a link to an unlisted version of the episode of YouTube, alongside the 320K MP3 you receive here every Tuesday. Sound good?

#3: Please welcome Codeweavers to Episode 9 for an amazing interview that discusses the history of the company, Wine, their partnership with Valve on Proton, and much more!

#4: I've updated the Associate Producer page here to include all patrons and your websites. Thanks for your patience on that!

As always thanks for being here and for your support!