Zebedee Boss

Special guest

Zeb started out as a Destination Linux producer by helping coordinate all patrons for live recordings and doing a lot of behind the scenes work. Zeb then became a host of the show because he brought such a unique and fun user-oriented perspective to the show. Zeb has a Youtube channel as Zebedee Boss where you can find him driving like a maniac in Euro Truck Simulator and pushing his AMD Threadripper to the max with tutorials on Gentoo installs and any other projects he’s cooking up. Zeb loves interacting with the community and provides his everyday user perspective to all his discussions and feedback.

He loves all things Linux and likes nothing better than helping users on our Forums. Peppermint became his go-to Distro in June 2015 and he can't see leaving it anytime soon.

Zebedee Boss has been a guest on 1 episode.