Episode 46: Jeremy Soller of System76 (Part 1)


May 5th, 2021

1 hr 18 mins 14 secs

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About this Episode

The podcast comes roaring back to life with part 1 of a massive interview featuring Linux ninja Jeremy Soller of System76. Plus, Jason introduces and demos a new Discovery of the Week that anyone with a PC microphone will appreciate!

There's also more details about our longterm partnership with TUXEDO Computers, and a look ahead!

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Episode Links

  • Episode 46 made possible by TUXEDO Computers! — A long-term partnership between Linux For Everyone and TUXEDO Computers means continued growth of the L4E community, and a steady stream of new content across the network!
  • Buy the L4E Theme Song "Brain Dead" — More Sun is a band comprised of me and Jerry Morrison. We wrote a song called "Brain Dead," and it's this podcast's theme song.
  • Discovery of the Week: NoiseTorch — I called this "AudioTorch" a couple times. It's called NoiseTorch! Listen to my demo, then go check it out on GitHub.
  • Linux For Everyone on GitHub — Make stuff, share stuff, contribute stuff.
  • How the Saasage is Made w/ Jeremy Soller — Host Mike Kelly talks with Jeremy about the behind-the-scenes story of Pop_OS, and how Linux is becoming a popular choice for developers and power users.
  • Tech For Everyone Issue #6 — My newsletter issue breaking down Jeremy's detailed account of how exactly Pop OS fan curves and power profiles work. It's fascinating stuff!
  • System76 + Pop OS — System76 is a Colorado-based company manufacturing Linux desktops and laptops. They also make a wonderful Linux distro called Pop OS.